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A City By The People, For The People

Located in St. Louis County, Missouri, in the far western portion of the county, Wildwood is a large city of about 35,000. A beautiful area that shows off the best of Missouri, Wildwood is home to the Al Foster Trail, as well as several other trails, parks and reserves.


Wildwood is a relatively young city, which was incorporated in 1995. Developed entirely by residents who wished to have more control over their own lives, the incorporation project took 5 years to complete, and resulted in the city we now know today. Wildwood states its purpose as “planning tomorrow, today”, a goal that can be seen across the city by those who live there. Some of the most important key features of the city include wide open natural spaces, an estate lifestyle, excellent schooling and emergency responders, unique topography, a native woodland and rural roadways.

Residents continue to utilize professionals to achieve their goal of creating an ideal place to live, and today the city offers residency to those who wish to become a part of its proud community. Above all else, the city offers interactive public works engagement processes to ensure that every citizen has a voice and a say in how the city develops moving forward.

Schools in Wildwood

Highly Rated Education Opportunities

As we mentioned above, the schools in Wildwood are exceptional, and excellent choices at every level for students seeking education. All of the schools available to Wildwood students are highly rated, and many of the schools are rated A+. No matter where your child goes to school, you can be sure they’re receiving a quality education that will prepare for whatever future endeavours they plan to explore, be it entering the workforce or continuing on to higher education pursuits.

Schools in the Wildwood area include Fairway Elementary, Green Pines Elementary, Pond Elementary, Lasalle Springs Middle, Rockwood Valley Middle School, and Wildwood Middle School. Out of these schools, Pond Elementary is one of the highest rated schools in the area.

There is a single high school available to children in Wildwood, Lafayette High School. The school has been operational since 1960 and is the 4th highest rated high school in the state. St. Louis Community College – Wildwood is a local, public community college located of Routes 100 and 109.

Schools in Wildwood

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools


Connect With Nature

Parks of Every Kind

As we mentioned, many parks find their home in Wildwood, among them the aforementioned Al Foster Trail, a 9.2 mile loop featuring beautiful wildflowers, which is accessible for all levels of nature lovers. The trail offers a number of activities for visitors to enjoy, from hiking to mountain biking, bird watching, wildlife observation and so much more.

Other options for outdoor hiking include Rockwoods Reserve, a large, open area ideal for heading out on an afternoon hike. With several trails to walk in this beautiful park, the reserve offers something for hikers of every skill level, from beginner to expert.

For a slightly more developed outdoor experience, the Wildwood Community Park can’t be beaten. This park includes a playground, pavilions, and a breathtaking walking path. It’s also an excellent spot for a picnic.

Of course, one of the benefits of being in the St. Louis area is Wildwood’s proximity to Six Flags St. Louis. Residents need not travel far for an outing at this famous theme park, which includes all the amenities you would expect from such a recognizable area. Rides a plenty, family-friendly games and activities, and even a water park are only a short drive away for residents of the city.

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